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About Intra International (Caribbean) Limited

Empowering Your Real Estate Dreams in Trinidad and Tobago with Intra International (Caribbean) Limited.

Our Vision

Since our inception, Intra International (Caribbean) Limited has been dedicated to shaping extraordinary real estate journeys in Trinidad and Tobago. Our portfolio showcases a rich history of achievements in both residential and commercial real estate, a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming your property aspirations into tangible realities.

Why Choose Intra International (Caribbean) Limited

Guided by over 160 years of collective real estate expertise, our Brokerage team is primed to lead you through every facet of property transactions. Our efficient processes ensure seamless experiences and successful outcomes.

Crafting Exceptional Real Estate Journeys

Embarking on Real Estate Excellence

Intra International (Caribbean) Limited holds a unique position as a meticulously crafted sister company of WhiteRock Property Management Limited. Our formation is strategic, strategically focusing on the realty and brokerage dimensions of the real estate industry. As WhiteRock excels in property management, Intra’s specialized focus on realty and brokerage underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled service in property acquisition, sales, and transactions. This strategic partnership empowers us to offer comprehensive real estate solutions, maximizing property value while providing a seamless experience to our valued clients.


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Explore a world of possibilities with Intra International (Caribbean) Limited. Our legacy of experience, dedication to expertise, and commitment to transformative real estate journeys await your connection. Experience the future of real estate excellence by reaching out to us today.